The extension presented here are currently unmaintained. It won't work with the newest version of the Opera browser due to a huge change in the browser itself. See CT-Entertainment-Homepage for more information.


An Opera Widget


This Widget can be used to handle the most important tasks for the browsergame Y2. You can register for free to join this easy-going browsergame, that takes you to the near future. Get a small space ship to complete simple missions and earn money. Spend your income on weapons and shields to prepare for fights with other pilots! Select your space ship now!

All information on this widget can be found on the widget page of the game (german). All you can do here, is click the next headline to see some


Enter nick name and password on the login screen. If you do not have an account, create one for free!
After login, the widget shows the list of missions offered to you. Sort them by payment, effort or risk.
You can read new mail and answer to them via the widget.


Help is included into the widget. Just click the green questen mark in the upper right corner.

Any information on the game, the widget was made for, can be found on its homepage.


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