Opera Extensions and Opera Widgets

by Dodo87

Opera Extensions

Table of Contents

This extension will display a table of contents fixed in the upper right corner of a web page. You can expand it by hovering it and a list of headlines of the page will appear. Click any item to jump to the corresponding section on the page.

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Outdated software

This extension and widgets below are currently unmaintained. Most of them won't work with the newest version of the Opera browser due to a huge change in the browser itself. You can find maintained projects at CT-Entertainment-Homepage.

Outdated Opera Extensions

Extension Finder

Never miss extensions created for your favorite sites: This add on searches for extenions associated with the pages you are browsing.

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Automatically reloads live scores of kicker online.

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Lädt den Liveticker von kicker online automatisch regelmäßig neu.


Bing, where am I?

This extension adds a button to the bing maps interface. Click it, to find your position: Via geolocation, Opera determines your location. Then bing is used to search for this position.

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Outdated Opera Widgets

Opera Widgets are stand-alone applications that … are fast, free and connected applications that are easy-to-install and use (Opera Homepage). As Extensions, they are built using web standards as HTML, CSS or JavaScript. You can find the ones I've made on Opera Widgets.


Handle the most important tasks for the borwsergame Y2.

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Password Security Checker

Check the strength of your passwords. Checks for length, character repetitions etc. Special feature: scans dictionaries!

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Schuldenuhr der BRD

Check the debt level of Germany, the dept per head and increment per second.

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Zeigt den Schuldenstand der BRD, die Schulden pro Kopf und den Schuldenzuwachs pro Sekunde.